From Soil to Oil: Ikaros Africa

With over 50 years of cumulative experience in the medicinal hemp industry, Ikaros Africa brings their pride and joy to the heart of Malawi. With much of the Malawian countryside ideal for growing hemp, a struggling economy and a group of industrious people with a deep love for Africa and its people, the perfect partnership was forged. While the industrious directors of Ikaros Africa are no strangers to the world of medicinal hemp, bringing their expertise to the Malawian people will have an enormous impact on both the economy as well as the farmers and various role players that would form part of this exciting new venture.

A Malawian based and registered entity, Ikaros Africa’s objective is to empower local Malawian communities and service providers, by their active participation. This would create employment and market opportunities through both contract farming and direct employment, something that “The Warm Heart of Africa” is in desperate need of. Sandro Righini, MD of Ikaros Africa said: “We firmly believe that our unique model and African approach is the cornerstone that will result in extensive upliftment, community by community. As a registered traditional doctor with an abundance of knowledge and experience in various forms of extraction and distillation, Sandro has combined his love for organic chemistry with the art of extraction and has developed various formulations – most of which have proven to be extremely efficacious.

Ikaros Africa is working closely with the Government of Malawi, undertaking extensive trials of different hemp cultivars to select best medicinal hemp varieties suitable for the Malawi climate. Ikaros Africa will produce CBD hemp oil and CBD extracts for the international markets.

Ikaros Africa has pledged their commitment and support to the Malawian Government and, in particular, the Ministry of Agriculture, which has helped drive this project to its current standing. Following Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) for the cultivation of medicinal hemp varieties high in CBD (cannabidiol), they plan on implementing Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) at their certified facility, which will produce high quality CO² Supercritical extracts using proprietary processes and equipment.

Ikaros Africa team of qualified scientists will also be looking into various other cannabinoids and their potential medicinal uses, including local landrace cultivars.

A space to watch – where Ikaros Africa’s catchy slogan, “From Soil to Oil” instils a vision of fields of hemp and honey coloured oil, Malawi has certainly come a long way since the days of Boniface Kadzamira’s ridicule and shame when he first introduced hemp as an alternative crop to parliament.

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